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Bsure team at work
40000 liter extra
Bhakimle school

* In 2019 we donated 25 computers, a smart tv and printer to the Shrtee Ambika Secundary School in Hyangja.

A former Swedish volunteer teacher will sponsor some recent orphan's of this school.

* Our 7th Medical tour by our Bsure-team was a great succes.  Dr. Jan's team was reinfroced by Dr. Jos and his wife.  Thsu we could treat so many more patients.  Over 2500 in all.

We need a mobile Echo and ECG unit for better diagnostics.

In 2020 a just retired doctor's couple from the U.K. will join our team.

*  In Siling municipality of Manakamana we expanded our water holding tanks by 8 x 5000 l.  Now 7 villages have year round water access.

In 2020 we want to install a industrial waterfiltration unit to make truly safe drinking water.

* In our frist projectschool in Chitre (1999) we are looking to merge the school children from nearby Ghorepani as the moutain villages are getting somewhat empty of youn couples.

* We are waiting for more budget of our Bhakimele school in Myagdi to finish and the construction and start furnishing the classrooms.

Some volunteers of the American Peace Corps are teaching here now.

In 2020 we would also like to make this a green school.  


25/04/2015: Earthquake: what we can do

We have a plan!  Dr Jan Dryhoel and nurse are coming from Belgium and together with them will be travelling to Dhading district to povide help on the way to our final destination, Darkha where all houses are destroyed and many dead and injured and where is no food.
So, we will be buying food as well and the local Red Crosse is provinding us with a list of to buy medicines.
He is leaving asap so any financial donation is more than welcome so we can buy enough foof for all villages along the way.
A Nepalese journalist will accompany us so there will be extensive reporting s well.
Help us to help them.  The more money the more trucks we can fill.

Donate any amount to our projectaccount:

Himalyan Projects NGO, Leiselestraat 138, B-8200 Sint-Michiels

Account Iban-code: be14 3800 1081 6783, Bic-code: BBRUBEBB anden .

Thanks for you support

English Version

High up in the Himalayas in the Annapurna mountain range of Nepal, there is a village called Chitre which had nor a school nor had it any medical facilities.  

Being one of the world’s poorest countries it lies sandwiched between Tibet and India.  With merely a strip of flat lands in the south it quickly rises to steep hills resulting in some of the worlds steepest and highest mountains.  Is it Shangri-La?

NO, it is hard to survive here with little industry, few government jobs (mostly reserved for the high-castes), depending largely to sustaining farming, day-jobs, cheap labor-contracts abroad and tourist-activities.  With hardly any social and medical help, very few pensions and loan-sharking very few options are open to develop personally or as a community.

Nepal is truly one of the worlds most beautiful countries but also one of its poorest!.  Additionally chronic underfeeding by unvaried food-staple with inadequate vitamins and minerals results in backwardness and learning difficulties for small children, inflicting their future life with intellectual and physical handicaps, lack of concentration and so on…

This is why a group of volunteers established this non-profit organization/Bikas with small-scale projects trying to stimulate and change. Yes mere: 

Ripples in a vast ocean of mountains.



Update on the way

EN_himalayan_project_1e_kwartaal.pdf Newsletter 2015 (1776.25 kb)

General news 2014

Dear sponsors and sympathizers,


We are proud to announce that we will be able to give out tax certificates again during the next six years. This means that the people who contribute to our organization by donating will be paid back 45% of their donations when donating €40 or more.


Things are jumpin’ in Nepal! Two English volunteers have just finished their tour of duty in the Chitre and Phalate elementary schools. Meanwhile, Lisa has also arrived at the medical post where she is currently completing her internship abroad for her bachelor’s degree in nursing.  


At the end of March, an Australian nurse will assist at the medical posts. In September we are expecting a three-week stay of a Belgian doctor who also happens to be a dentists, what a nice coincidence! Welcome Jan, and thank you.


Construction at the Chinnebas elementary school and the Syangja school School for the Deaf is steadily continuing. It is sure to say that it will be an interesting visit this fall.


We are organizing a trip next year to solemnly open the Chinnebas School and to visit the new youth club in Chitre. As cherry on top of the pie we are also taking a light expedition in the former Mustang kingdom, which can be found at the border with Tibet. Are you interested in joining us? Let us know and we will send you the details later. The date of departure is in Septemeber 2015.

Please read our latest newsletter:

Newsletter_2014_4th_quarter.pdf (426.5 kb)
Nieuwsbrief_2014___1st_quarter_1.pdf Full report - text only (78.75 kb)