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Celebrating our first school in Chitre

High up in the Himalayas in the Annapurna mountain range of Nepal, there is a village called Chitre which had nor a school nor had it any medical facilities.  

Being one of the world’s poorest countries it lies sandwiched between Tibet and India.  With merely a strip of flat lands in the south it quickly rises to steep hills resulting in some of the worlds steepest and highest mountains.  Is it Shangri-La?

NO, it is hard to survive here with little industry, few government jobs (mostly reserved for the high-castes), depending largely to sustaining farming, day-jobs, cheap labor-contracts abroad and tourist-activities.  With hardly any social and medical help, very few pensions and loan-sharking very few options are open to develop personally or as a community.

Nepal is truly one of the worlds most beautiful countries but also one of its poorest!.  Additionally chronic underfeeding by unvaried food-staple with inadequate vitamins and minerals results in backwardness and learning difficulties for small children, inflicting their future life with intellectual and physical handicaps, lack of concentration and so on…

This is why a group of volunteers established this non-profit organization/Bikas with small-scale projects trying to stimulate and change. Yes mere: 

Ripples in a vast ocean of mountains.

From OLD 2021 to NEW 2022.

Prevention in schools.
Hand over in dozens of schools.
Visiting classrooms
Uniforms for school children.
Buying food for the poor during Lockdowns.
Helping the sick in hospital.
Drinking water for Siling in Earthquake torn Siling.
A new schoolbus for Ambika School.

Namaste dear sponsor, sympathizer,


A difficult year has passed and still uncertain about the future. This is what life is like with us now. As for most in the less developed (financial) countries.

It was challenging working in Nepal this year. With some subsidies, private sponsoring, but without income from schools, information stands, workshops and other actions. With a limited budget we had to try to empty more needs than ever.

With the support we received, we were able to safely send thousands of children and hundreds of teachers to school with the necessary masks, thermometers, visors, gloves and disinfection products. Some large projects with grants were also able to continue with hiccups, such as a water filter for potable water in Siling and neighbouring municipalities.

Thanks to your help we were able to realize this. We wish you all a happy end of the year and a safe new year.

We want vaccines for Nepal since less than 30% has been vaccinated and that will soon be worked out again before the rest comes.

Please note: the expired vaccines from surpluses of rich countries are NOT welcome. And those who have to be kept frozen: please supply the freezing installations, otherwise it really makes no sense.

Thank you for that.

PS: Do you want to support us even more? Read our year-end letter below.

Special thanks to our District West-Flanders, our regular sponsors and schools, Lions Club Vlaaamse Valleien, NATO Charity Bazaar, the Himalayan Education Lifeline Programmes NGO from the UK. and many more...

Eindejaarsbrief_2021_2022_EN.pdf Donation letter (1008.5 kB)

Some of our Institutional and business sponsors.

District Council of West-Flanders. Saint-Rembert schools of Torhout, Belgium City council of Beernem. City of Bruges, Flanders. Primary school of our home town. For your generator during Earthquake relief in 2015. For your waterfiltering UV Light.

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Corona Flash Message

Buying food at whole-saler
Staple foods for the Nepalese
Narayan Pun, our vice-president loads our car
Ready to Rock 'n Roll
Local cue with social distancing
Delivering the food in Hyangja
Nashan Pun, contestant of Nepal Idol competition also joins in.
Praksh Poudel from Beni, Myagdi also helps out.
An old lady happy again
Local Police helping out our broke down car.

Dear Mme, Sir,

The world under the spell of Corona.

In the world and thus NEPAL too.

In our Western developed nations endless complaints about inconveniences but offcourse also far too many fatalities.

Few (known) deaths in Nepal but already in full lockdown for 7 weeks. In any case, the emergency capacity and the resources in the hospitals here are totally insufficient for a similar uproar as in our counties.

NOT to come outside or get beaten by the police, no work and staying in small huts, rented rooms getting bored to death. In the cities, the people are housed very small and therefore densely packed.

NOT able to go walking, cycling or drive by car.

Food stores open only a few hours a day.

NO visits to doctors and dental offices, pharmacies, only emergency.

But above all: NO INCOME for 95% of the population. Especially the poor and day laborers in small rental rooms are massively put on the street for not paying the rent.

Ordinary people have barely any savings books so real HUNGER strikes here.

Emergency action is needed and so we have started since Friday with the purchase and distribution of an emergency food package for the poorest of the poor.

We have already distributed> 100 packages, which means that our EMERGENCY FUND is now exhausted, so we urgently need your help. It is also just 5 years ago that the earthquake in Nepal struck and then we immediately took action.

Please buy a FOOD PACKAGE?

A week-long survival pack includes:

15 kg of rice

1 liter of oil

1 kg of split beans

1 kg of soybeans

1 kg of salt

2 packs of herbs

2 pieces of disinfection soap

5 locally made and washable masks (mandatory in Nepal)

With €50.00 ($60,00) you buy basic food for 1 month for 1 small family of approx. 5 people.

Thanks to our tax certificate, you only pay € 27.50. If you really want to donate € 50.00, deposit € 90.90 (only applicable for tax-payers in Belgium).

We were exceptionally licensed to drive around for 14 days, so get involved to make this 14 day a success.

Deposit now at be14 3800 1081 6783 (SWIFT-code: BBRUBEBB) in the name of. Himalayan Projects NPO and make a difference. Please mention CORONA so that your contribution goes entirely to the purchase of food.

Thank you in advance for your solidarity. Support us to make a difference.

Yes: "Ripples in an ocean of mountains".

Yours sincerely, the Bsure team of the Belgian Himalayan Projects NPO and Nepalese Himalaya Pariyojana Nepal.


This year it wad almost only about fighting Corona battles at home and in Nepal.

Please read all about it in our latest newsletter.


Bsure team at work
40000 liter extra
Bhakimle school

* In 2019 we donated 25 computers, a smart tv and printer to the Shtee Ambika Secundary School in Hyangja.

A former Swedish volunteer teacher will sponsor some recent orphan's of this school.

* Our 7th Medical tour by our Bsure-team was a great succes.  Dr. Jan's team was reinfroced by Dr. Jos and his wife.  Thsu we could treat so many more patients.  Over 2500 in all.

We need a mobile Echo and ECG unit for better diagnostics.

In 2020 a just retired doctor's couple from the U.K. will join our team.

*  In Siling municipality of Manakamana we expanded our water holding tanks by 8 x 5000 l.  Now 7 villages have year round water access.

In 2020 we want to install a industrial waterfiltration unit to make truly safe drinking water.

* In our frist projectschool in Chitre (since 1999) we are looking to merge the school children from nearby Ghorepani as the moutain villages are getting somewhat empty of youn couples.

* We are waiting for more budget of our Bhakimele school in Myagdi to finish and the construction and start furnishing the classrooms.

Some volunteers of the American Peace Corps are teaching here now.

In 2020 we would also like to make this a green school. 

A detailed report (PDF file) is downloadable here below; 


Newsletter_2020_2019_EN_3.pdf Printable newsletter A4 size (4441 kB)


Dr. Jan at works in Dolkha school.
Country roads in Nepal
Bhakimli school roof top 2nd floor
Reception at Siling village
Shree Ambika Secundary School
Chinnebas school complex

Namaste honoured donors, sponsors & well-wishers,

Here, I would have preferred to write this news from a tiny everyday Mo:Mo restaurant along the road just outside of Hetauda in the hot south: the best so far in Nepal (Except for Nita´s, my wife).  And so the story begins about our achievements in 2018: projects that are almost finished, others adjusted and new ones started up.  A job that could only be done with the help of volunteers such as the Kerun school projects and also Dr. Jan Dryhoel and numerous anonymous ones, in Nepal as well.

Together taking small steps towards an ideal world:

* A 6th tour with the Bsure team, conducted by Jan Dryhoel, is over with a first: a visit to another Belgian NGO that moves a lot of mountains, especially for street children and addicts. On to No. 7.

* In the mountain village of Bhamikele, the second floor has now been built and the school's interior and design can be started. * Just outside Pokhara we found an ambitious school that could use our help: the Shree Ambika Secondary School in Hyangja.

* In Siling we continue with our 7 village water project.

* The reconstruction of the school complex in Chinnebas is nearing its end phase: on April 26, 2019 there will be an official opening with a Flemish delegation and we will build an association building for low 'castes', the 'Dhalits'.

* The drinking water project in Jutpani for "landless people" turned out to be not so healthy, so we placed a professional filter there.

* Furthermore, our new nurse in Chitre will be discussed, the establishment of our Nepalese NGO and many items from our own country.


Many greetings from the duty editor Paul Vande Moortel, chairman, as well as from Nita Buduja Pun, Hedwig Racquet and Eddy Goemans of the Kerun Schoolprojects and Dr. Jan Dryhoel (Bsure-team).


Please read our extended report with lots of photo's downloadable here below:

2019_2018_newsletter_EN.pdf Year report (3787.5 kB)


Receiving donation at Nato Headquarters
Reception at Bhakimli school
Official opening at Jutpani water project
Bsure-team at our medical post.
Pump house constructiuon at Siling water project
Donating computer in ambika school near Pokhara
Workshop Nepali writing in school given by Nita Buduja Pun
Info booth at benifit

Namaste, honoured donors, sponsors and well-wishers,

Time for a big overview of our operations in the past year. It was a busy year in both Belgium and Nepal. With the help of the Bsure team and numerous volunteers, we succeeded. A lot of work has been done. 

Yet, mere “Ripples in an ocean of mountains”, but still.

In Bhamikele, a mountain village, we are building a full-fledged secondary school for quality education in the mountains. This will be a first!

In Jutpani, we officially opened the water project: 220 landless families now have access to free and safe spring water all year round.

For the 5th time, the Bsure team led by Dr. Jan Dryhoel and additional nurses a free medical camp in six different places. Very busy with> 2500 patients, but great to be able to help so many people with basic medicine and dentistry to which so many Nepalese people barely or have no access. Now, that's why we are there (to be sure)!

The water project in Siling is nearing completion: the source is enough to help another three villages nearby. A final sprint!

The final phase of the full reconstruction of primary secondary school has also started in Chinnebas. In the fall we can go there for the inauguration. Anyone who wants can join! We provide an immersion trip including small draw and project visit. Contact us and come along.

In Belgium we held information and food stands, benefits and school promotions. We have also - finally - updated the folder, following the loss of our domain name. Fortunately, here's a new one: "Himalayan-projects.org" (old one with an extra dash).


With many greetings from Paul Vande Moortel, chairman and also on behalf of Nita Buduja Pun, secretary, the Kerun Schoolprojects from Grimbergen / Tielt-Winge and the Bsure team led by Dr. Jan Dryhoel.

2018_2017_Newsletter_EN.pdf Year report (4881.75 kB)


Dr Jan is ready for treatment
Jutpani waterproject
Siling waterproject
Aggridanda mother house
Aggridanda mother house

Namaste geachte donors, sponsors en sympathisanten,

The earthquake has been almost 2 years ago, it seems like an eternity. However, there is still plenty of work to do.  Rebuilding will take years to complete, but let's be positive.  "Ripples in an ocean of mountains."

For example, we are now thinking of the very first need of man (and animals and plants): water. That's where it starts. Hundreds of villages have no safe or no water anymore due to the earthquake. So we decided to help two villages with the water supply: one in the south for the landless and one in the epicentre of the NEPALQUAKE 2015.

Doctor cum dentist Jan Dryhoel was again the Bsure-team leader for our medical camps. Because we notice the great need for medical help with him, we call on doctors, dentists and nurses. And we are making ambitious plans to convert a 4x4 bus into a mobile station!  Read more further on in this newsletter: we will definitely be able to use your help.

Our permanent project schools in Chitre and Chinnebas were of course not neglected. They were each visited by an American and Belgian volunteer teacher to do quality education. We also make educational boxes to reach out to even more schools.

In the meantime, our medical post in Chitre received a new, fully trained nurse.

With many greetings from Paul Vande Moortel, chairman, Nita Buduja Pun and the Bsure team.


To the epicenter of earthquake
Total destruction
Chairman officially opens the school
Sponsors visiting our school
Helping damaged schools
Barbara from HELP ngo teaches an English song in Chitre
Mother comite welcoming us in Aggridanda
Goodbye after 4 months in airport by local Bsure-team

Namaste dear donors, sponsors and sympathizers,

And then there was that earthquake on 25th of April, now called NEPALQUAKE.

As if Nepal hasn’t anu problems enough already.  Till recently a feudal kingdom, then that early democratic catch-up movement with a civil war as a result.  And now again the eternal power struggle between dozens of parties and interest groups.  And meanwhile, after 7 years, there is still no constitution.  But no, the final text is repeatedly stopped and even neighboring countries are invited to boycott by means of border blocks.  As if a constitution can never be amended again.  People have introduced democracy, but does anyone there know what that means and what it means?  They try to maintain the old power systems and working methods with new titles, nothing more.

In the meantime, hundreds of thousands are still camping under a tent canvas (well, surviving) 10 months after the fatal earthquake and that in freezing temperatures at night.  Relief supplies, foodstuffs and medicines hardly ever enter the border.  Also hardly any petrol and cooking gas.  Back to the Middle Ages then, because you can hardly speak of electricity or water supply with just a few hours a day, at best.

To become discouraged?  The Nepalese have no choice and that is why it is up to us to give them a boost.  With structural help such as building schools and medical posts, setting up medical and dental camps and also providing drinking water.  As an example and inspiration, but just as much to show them that they are not alone. Bsure!

Please read our full report below and find out all about:

  • Nepalquake 25/04/2015
  • Inauguration Chinnebas secundary school
  • Visit to the primary boarding school for the DEAF
  • Building a mother's committee house in Aggridanda
  • Medical post and primary school in Chitre
  • Joint-venture Aasha Project and Kerun Association
  • Future plans
  • Actions taken in Belgium, Sweden and the U.K.

Greetings from Paul Vande Moortel, chairman Himalayan Projects.

25/04/2015: Earthquake: what we can do

Bsure-team ready to go...
We have a plan!  Dr Jan Dryhoel and nurse are coming from Belgium and together with them will be travelling to Dhading district to povide help on the way to our final destination, Darkha where all houses are destroyed and many dead and injured and where is no food.
So, we will be buying food as well and the local Red Crosse is provinding us with a list of to buy medicines.
He is leaving asap so any financial donation is more than welcome so we can buy enough foof for all villages along the way.
A Nepalese journalist will accompany us so there will be extensive reporting s well.
Help us to help them.  The more money the more trucks we can fill.
Donate any amount to our projectaccount:

Himalyan Projects NGO, Leiselestraat 138, B-8200 Sint-Michiels

Account Iban-code: be14 3800 1081 6783, Bic-code: BBRUBEBB anden .

Thanks for you support


Chinnebas school complex
Our very first school project in Chitre
Inaugurating our new Youth Club in Chitre
Youth club girl
Visiting Syangja deaf school

Dear sponsors and sympathizers,

We are proud to announce that we will be able to give out tax certificates again during the next six years. This means that the people who contribute to our organization by donating will be paid back 45% of their donations when donating €40 or more.

Things are jumpin’ in Nepal! Two English volunteers have just finished their tour of duty in the Chitre and Phalate elementary schools. Meanwhile, Lisa has also arrived at the medical post where she is currently completing her internship abroad for her bachelor’s degree in nursing.  

At the end of March, an Australian nurse will assist at the medical posts. In September we are expecting a three-week stay of a Belgian doctor who also happens to be a dentists, what a nice coincidence! Welcome Jan, and thank you.

Construction at the Chinnebas elementary school and the Syangja school School for the Deaf is steadily continuing. It is sure to say that it will be an interesting visit this fall.

We are organizing a trip next year to solemnly open the Chinnebas School and to visit the new youth club in Chitre. As cherry on top of the pie we are also taking a light expedition in the former Mustang kingdom, which can be found at the border with Tibet. Are you interested in joining us? Let us know and we will send you the details later. The date of departure is in Septemeber 2015.

Please read our latest newsletter here below:


Kindergarden opend.
Syangja Deaf children
Chire children getting educational materials.
New youth club
Health education in our medical post in Chitre.

Namaste dear sponsors and well-wishers,

In the daily press nothing but doom and gloom without much perspective.  We, however prefer bringing positive news about our achievements in that seemingly endless enchanting mountain range called the Himalayas. 

For 15 years now, of which 10 years as a recognized non-profit organization we want to bring positive things to Nepal.  In other words, 15 years of development work with many results: the construction of a few schools, a medical post with a dental cabinet and lab, footbridges, water pipes and solar energy, houses for orphans and people in poverty, a playground and sports fields.  We sponsored several hundred students and paid urgent surgeries and a kidney transplant.

Well, it's just “Ripples in an ocean of mountains”, but ripples become waves, right?  The icing on the cake is the crowning achievement of "The Shree Lali Gurans Primary School" in Chitre as "Best primary school in the Myagdi district"!

Please reaad our full story and watch more pictures in our newreport below.