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Deze website is deel van www.bruggelokaal.be.

Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Your data obtained from deposits, e-mails, letters and / or telephone conversations are kept strictly personally on our secure computers. We only use this information for the preparation of tax certificates, the sending of our newsletters and announcements and / or personal contact in connection with our non-profit organization and its projects.

If you no longer wish to be contacted, you can unsubscribe with a simple email, letter or telephone.

If you do not respond to this mail within a month, we assume that you now want to be kept informed of our project operation and non-profit news until you receive a return message and you will be included in our mailing list with the next mail.

Only your name, address, possibly also your telephone number and for deposits also account number and possibly national number and date of birth for the purpose of granting a tax certificate are kept with us and will never be passed on to third parties without your permission.

The official privacy statement can be consulted below: