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Projects in Nepal

On the road with our Bsure medical team
Building a new school in Myagdi district (Bhakimle)
Dental work in our Medical post in Chitre

We have two types of projects:  longrunning and one-time projects.

Some schools and medical posts are being helped on a continuous basis with ideas and running-costs like wages, meterials and equipment.

See following pages for individual projects.

One-time projects involve building beside schoolbuildings also bridges, houses, watersupplies and solar-power installation. 

In addition any surplus -we are after all a non-profit organisation- are channeled into our Study Fund for subsidies on higher education and training for staff.  Else there is our Emergency Fund which helps people in dire straits mostly for medical emergencies.


Ready to help with international volunteers from Belgium, Nepal, the U.K. and USA.
Trucks of relief materials
Filling the trucks
Blankets arrive to distribute.
Donation for Red Cross Dhading
Driving through epicentre
Donating rice for 3 villages in Dhading
Medical care for the wounded
Rooftin to rebuilt houses

Almost going home back to Belgium a devestating earthquake hit Nepal.

No sense in going home we immediately gathered emergency materials and a medical team came from Belgium.  The start of the Bsure team that still holds free medical camps across the Himalaya's.  Volunteer doctors and dentists are welcome to join.  Donations als to buy medicine.

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