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Emergency Fund

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Emergency funds

Our structure does not allow us to make profits hence remnants of one project will flow into other projects requiring urgent assistance. In the past we have been able to help several people in need. Numerous benefits, extra contributions, transfers thanks to birth, birthday, marriage or anniversary parties are usually flowing into this funds.

Cuurently the majority of emergency relief goes to the victims of the earthquake in april 2015.  Tens of thousands of people lack adequate food, medicine and shelter. Please, your help is more than needed and wellcome.

One other example: Disabled boy looking for sponsorship

His name is BudhimanTamang, aged 14 and in secondary school.

As a toddler he burned his feet in the kitchen’s fireplace and since there was no immediate medical attention present his feet had to be amputated. He lived in a remote mountain village in central Nepal.

His parents are survival farmers and because of the mountainous environment he cannot reach the remote school. He is residing with his poor aunt (widow) in a rented apartment in capital Kathmandu nearby a school which he walks to on crutches.

Despite his disability he is an passionate student however there is few resources to take care of him. For his education, board and lodging we require about €60 monthly.

Our biggest intervention so far was on 27 December. On that day Bahadur Budja, a sixteen year old from our first school project in Chitre, had successfully undergone a kidney transplantation. Only the third successful in Nepal and thanks to the additional contributions of our loyal sponsors. You can read the complete story in our first newsletter 2009. On the photo you see him with a thank you gesture (NAMASTE) to all who came to his rescue and a more recent picture when he had regained strength.