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Our Shanti Medical Group

A second part of our mission is to provide basis-medical facilities.  By the end of 2006 the ‘Shree Shanti Medical Hall and Dental Clinic’ (shanty meaning peace), locally staffed and supported by volunteer-doctors and experts from abroad was up and running in Chitre.  A local nurse and assistant has been hired and we are looking out for more; including western medical volunteers!.

A western midwife-volunteer stayed for 5 months to give training.  She also introduced awareness meetings for women about health and family-planning.  We installed a fully equipped dental cabinet with X-ray.  A city-dentist visits regularly and gives basic training to our staff on simple procedures.  Currently a well equipped lab has been installed and training provided.  Also computers, telephone- and internet-access have been introduced.

You are a doctor, nurse or dentist: read how you can help with volunteer work.

To help paying for running costs and emergency relief, free medicine and awareness programmes: click here.

Volunteers wanted!

 You are a doctor, nurse or dentist: read how you can help with volunteerwork.

Belgian Midwife at work Unattended cuts: common Dr. Jos in 2019 Dr. Jan of the Bsure-team at work in 2019 Our new nurse Shanta Pun from 2017 till 2019 Bsure team and our new nurse Sashina Purja from 2020
Simon_MP_Chitre_2013_1.pdf Medical report doctor (332.25 kB)