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Our Shree Lali Gurans Primary School

With one question to that very little town with view on + 8.000 meter mountains: “What would this village mostly need?” 

Reply: “A school for our young ones!”  Indeed there were some schools further away and out of reach of most small children.  Low caste children also couldn’t go because of the high expenditure.  The better off tend to send their children to boarding-schools far away, which in turn estranges them from their family and ethnic culture.  More people are lured to these big cities for better job-prospects and possibly better general facilities, thus creating slums for the unfortunate.  These population explosions erode the better facilities and results in a gradual decay of subculture identities. 

So we acted and after agreeing with the local population on a suitable location, settling a budget, timeframe and building-plan we collected the necessary funds and handed them over to the school-comity.  The actual labour was done voluntarily by the village-people, giving them a feeling of involvement.  Sturdily built with long-lasting materials, big windows and wooden flours for insulation it was connected with a new pathway. 

In 1999 we officially inaugurated the Shree Lali Gurans Primary Schooland later expanded to 5 classrooms, kindergarten, office, storeroom and toilets with septic tanks and 4 teachers for up to 60 children.  A slide and climbing-tower and drinking-water supply was added. 

In 2013 we were awarded first price for the best primary school in the district.  Proving we keep working at quality education.

To provide total free education, incl. teacher’s wages, uniforms and all school-materials we depend on individual sponsors.  Click here to know how.