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Various projects

Various projects consists mainly one-time projects.  Some are mentioned below:

A house for orphans.

 In Chitre, our main working area, some low-cast children lost both their parents within 6 months.  For these people we bought an old little house, fixed it up and gave to them to live in with an uncle and aunty.

Primary School in Khibang

Here we build a retaining wall and new playground to protect the school from an inevetable landslide.  Water-outlets and gutters were included to safe-guard the school for many years to come.

Sikkha Middle School

During the years of civil war this big middle school of close to 600 children, including our ex primary students from Chitre was completely burned by the Maoists.  With help from many we also did our share by giving funds and a installed computerclass.  

Currently we are still supporting them by offering volunteer teachers from Great Britain for English studies.  This in coöperation with HELP -Himalayan Education Lifeline Project- an NGO run my Jim Coleman.