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Supporting us

With al little help from our friends?

Sustaining and conserving the ancient indigenous cultures of the Himalaya is one of our prime goals.  We therefore try to complement subsistent farming communities with basic facilities to enhance their survivability to minimal acceptable levels.  However nothing can be achieved without your support, preferably on a regular base because although large one-time structural costs can be financed by institutional donors and benefits, running costs and relief aid and study-funds can only be financed by individuals. 

Additionally some foreign schools organise fundraisings, sometimes yearly thus creating a sister-brother bond.  Our school-programs help us not only to collect funds but equally important help to create awareness and realisation of Nepalese cultures and problems in the West. 

Some supporters organise solidarity-parties or donate some of their anniversary gifts.  Please on call us for any enquiries and donations.

Project-account: IBAN: be14380010816783 – BIC: BBRUBEBB

or mail us at himalayanprojects@gmail.com

More information also on:

English_General_donation_appeal_letter_2020_1.pdf Sponsor request letter (274.25 kB)

Introduction letter

A patient child at our 2019 free medical camp in Moran, eastern Nepal


We would like to take an opportunity to introduce our non-profit organisation to you.

Since 1997, we are working in Nepal on structural improvements for disadvantaged groups, women, children, disabled, low castes and the poorest in general.  We target exemplarily projects to stimulate and above all give a boost to develop themselves.  Since the ‘Nepalquake’ in 2015, we performed many reconstruction efforts, but our other and new plans are numerous as well.  

Such as: our yearly Free Medical Camp by our Bsure-team with international volunteer doctors and dentist, making a soap making workshop for mentally disabled, building and sustaining schools and medical posts, drinking water-projects, installing computer-classes, making footbridges, providing solar power and so on… 

Our Study Fund for advanced learning by our students is financed this way and our Emergency Fund helps other urgent medical help for the poorest, such as hospitalization, transplantations and the like…

You can help to realize this by means of a one-time gift, a monthly sponsoring of our schoolchildren or a donation from a benefit organised by you, family, colleagues, your school or association

Our general management costs were barely 2.39% in 2019, us being volunteers, we are proud of that.  Your donation is very welcome to make a difference together.  As together, we create "Ripples in an ocean of mountains".

With kind regards and thanks in advance from Paul Vande Moortel, chairman; Nita Buduja Pun, secretary, Nar Kumari Buduja and the volunteer Bsure-team led by Doctor. Jan Dryhoel.