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Volunteer Work

This NGo, being a non-profti organisation depends on volunteers.  To help and intruct our Nepese staff in our local schools and medical post.

Currently we are mostly looking for:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Nurses
  • Midwifes
  • Teachers
  • Englisch medium teachers

Please contact us if you want to spend some time helping out.  You can easily combine your volunteer work with a trekking in the Himalaya's as we are located on the Annapurna rounbd trekking route, one of the worlds most beautiful walks.

For English medium teachers we joined forces with Help (Himalayan Education Lifeline Project), a Britisch based NGO run by Jim Coleman.  Read a report of a volunteer sent by Help to the Phalate Primary School next to Chitre:

Belgian doctor visiting school Midwife 'in labor' Painting the medical post
Henrike_Elke_in_Phalate_School_2011_1.pdf Impressions of a volunteer. (1218.75 kB)